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The ActiGait® neuroimplant


The ActiGait® system from nstim Services GmbH will no longer be available for new patients as of 2017.

What is ActiGait®?

In cases where an orthosis or surface stimulator are not appropriate or an adequate treatment, a neuroimplant such as the ActiGait® offers an additional option. The implant is inserted under the skin and sends electrical signals to the nerves triggering precise muscle contractions and joint movements. This results in controlled dorsiflexion.

What is ActiGait?

How does ActiGait® work?

ActiGait® consists of an implant, a control unit, an antenna and a heel switch. Together these components enable controlled dorsiflexion. Surgeons insert the small implant into the thigh and connect it to the common peroneal nerve during a surgical procedure. The other components are external and easy to wear. When the foot is raised, a wireless heel switch worn in a special sock detects this and triggers the control unit to stimulate. The stimulus is transmitted to the implant by the antenna.

The implanted electrode, when stimulated, activates the nerves of the muscles of the lower leg to properly lift the foot and toes during walking. The result is a clearly improved gait pattern.

ActiGait® can be customised to suit a wide range of individual requirements, which is why it is essential that only selected physicians and clinics assess the suitability of ActiGait® for each individual patient on a case-by-case basis.


ActiGait® is a product of nstim Services GmbH and it´s Danish manufacturer Neurodan A/S. It is developed and produced with the greatest care and in conformity with the applicable European directives  and national medical device laws.