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The MyGait surface stimulator

MyGait is a medical device that combines advanced technology and suitability for daily use.

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What is MyGait?

Not all individuals affected by drop foot can be fitted adequately with orthoses. MyGait offers an alternative. MyGait is based on the principle of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES). The muscles that lift the foot are stimulated with an electrical impulse, which is synchronised to one’s walking. The risk of catching one’s toe on uneven ground as well as the risk of falling is reduced, thereby improving the gait pattern and speed and walking becomes less tiring;

MyGait is placed discreetly under clothing and can be worn with your favourite shoes or barefoot (with a special sock).

How does MyGait work?

A cuff with surface electrodes is fitted to the lower leg, such that the electrodes are over the correct nerve. A wireless heel switch, worn in a special sock, detects when the leg is lifted to take a step and correctly controls the timing of the stimulation.

The battery-powered stimulator, held in the cuff , is triggered by the heel switch to deliver the stimulation to the nerve. This activates the muscles responsible for foot lift and improves the walking pattern. A wireless remote control allows the user to adjust the settings to suit daily needs.

A special feature of MyGait is that additional functional muscle groups can be stimulated (e.g. the knee or hip) to support a more natural gait.

What is MyGait?

Who is MyGait suitable for?

Which functional electrical stimulation product is suitable for me?* 

MyGait surface stimulatorActiGait neuroimplant
Multiple sclerosis
Incomplete paraplegia
Brain injury
Stroke less than 6 months ago
Stroke more than 6 months ago


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