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More Mobility with Wheelchairs

No longer able to walk but still going places? Affected individuals can master everyday activities with a suitable wheelchair.

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Many patients temporarily lose the ability to walk after a stroke, with multiple sclerosis, or following a brain injury. Special wheelchairs have been developed for hemiplegia after a stroke. The lightweight wheelchair features a wider foot space. Combined with the low anterior seat height, this makes it much easier for you to propel it with your feet. Your strength is utilized optimally and improved through exercise.

An alternative is the "one-arm drive" with a double push ring. A wide range of wheelchair accessories (e.g. the knee lever wheel lock) facilitate individual adjustment and easy handling.

Find out which wheelchair suits your needs. The experts in medical supply and rehabilitation companies will be happy to advise you.


More information on the wide range of wheelchairs is available at: www.ottobock.co.uk or directly from the Specialist dealers near you.